The Building Process


The Building Process - Steps to Success

Building your Dream Home may seem like a daunting task on your own. With Renaissance Building, Inc. you can be reassured that you have a team to help you through the entire construction process. You are not alone and are updated frequently about your project. See our steps to success below.

Step 1
Purchase a lot. Look on, or work with a Realtor.
Step 2
Review plans on our site and or buy a construction plan that works best for your family. Or work with one of our architect partners to create a one of a kind dream home. Design basics is the place to start.
Step 3
We will review your plans - add or remove items as needed to stay on budget.
Step 4
Agree on a fair budget for the entire construction process.
Step 5
Competitively price out your new home construction with our trade partners.
Step 6
Present and approve a proposal from Renaissance with an exact cost to build your home.
Step 7
You will make all electrical fixture, plumbing fixture, flooring, paint colors, and all other selections prior to construction.
Step 8
File for a building permit with your city or county.
Step 9
Start construction.
Step 10
Complete construction.
Step 11
Move into your dream home.